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November 2022

The SME Owners & Directors training in partnership with FSDA and SNDBX

The Tukuze Biashara IMFact-SNDBX capacity-building program is a practical learning experience that involves in-class sessions, coaching and implementation of lessons designed to enhance the capacity of business owners for growth. The program will provide straightforward, relevant, easy to-understand, executable content to the trainees, which will immediately impact their businesses.

The content is delivered by SNDBX’s experienced and knowledgeable experts, as well as financial advisors from IMFact. The SNDBX experts are not only business professional service providers but are also business owners in their own right. This gives them unique perspectives on how to help other businesses while keeping the learning relatable. IMFact’s advisors also come with years of experience working with SMEs and providing solutions for their financial needs.

The objective of the proposed programme is to train and teach entrepreneurs, through an experiential format, backed by case studies. The program will help the entrepreneurs manage their growth by focusing on the fundamental areas of the businesses.

The Content

1. Strategic Growth – linking goals, vision, mission, and strategy including SWOTanalysis that then allows for the SME to set out the path to growing their business.

2. Marketing, PR and Direct Sales – broadening the appeal of the company’s product and reaching your consumers.

3. Understanding the Value Customers place on a Business – why do they buy products/services from the company – how to understand a customer’s motivation – both from the product and financial implications.

4. Understanding Profitability through Balance Sheets, P&L and Cashflow statements – top-line revenue does not always equal bottom-line profit – understanding cash flow management is key for growing SMEs.

5. Understanding Working Capital – credit management and collection processes and the implications on the stability of the business

6. Capital Investment – when, how and why to get capital into your business, as well as understanding the kinds of capital available to grow the business.

7. Types of Financial Products – matching finance to the needs and capabilities of the company – Venture Capital, bank loans, factoring, etc.

8. Governance – understanding the value of governance and how to create the structure for rules, practices, and processes used to direct and manage a company.

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